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Stand number :
Phone: +34968271779
Fax: +37968300098
Fernando P. Gómez Molina ()

PROEXPORT is the Association of Growers-Exporters of Fruit & Vegetables in the Region of Murcia (SPAIN). It is made of 55 companies that exported 1 million Tm. of fruits and vegetables to 33 countries during the 07-08 campaign and employed +30.000 workers.

They are known worldwide as leaders in food safety and distribution logistics, as well as in supplying International clients with fruits & vegs of the best quality and flavour.

During recent years PROEXPORT has developed a Plan to Improve Foodstuff Quality. This programme has favoured the introduction and certification in most of its members of some of the most recognised quality normatives: ISO 9001, ISO 14000, EMAS II, EUREPGAP, BRC, UNE 155.000 and others. A full list of our members with a short presentation on each of them is available at www.proexport.es.

PROEXPORT has played an essential part in the development process and position consolidation of Spain, and in particular the Region of Murcia, with respect to the production and export of Mediterranean products of an unbeatable quality.

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