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Pl. Cabezo Cortado, s/n
[30100] Espinardo, Murcia | Murcia

Expositor - Localización



Stand number :
Phone: +34 968589583
Fax: +34 968589583
Salvador Pina Moreno, Gabriela Miranda Daher ()

Created by the third generation of a family of prestigious bakers from Murcia City, MURCIPAN markets its products under the MASTRIGO brand.

Murcipan, a firm continuously adapting to market needs and food trends, supplies toasted bread in innovative formats. Recipes are made with top-quality ingredients of high nutritional value that are beneficial for consumers. We use strictly environmentally-friendly methods. Our line of ecological breads is known for excellent taste and nutritional value.
 Murcipan works to make sure YOU have a better, healthier life!

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