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Ctra, Estación Km. 1.9
[30550] Murcia | Abaran

Expositor - Localización



Stand number :
Phone: 0034 968 770000
Fax: 0034 968 770879
Jesús Gómez Yelo ()

Frutas Esther, S.A. is a company that grows and markets fresh fruit and vegetable with standards of quality, commitment and excellence that are not just words,  but our day-to-day reality.
The current position of the company in the national and international fruit and vegetable industry only makes sense if the hard work and eagerness of various generations is taken into consideration. It is also necessary to mention the professional and emotional bond of this company to the town where it is located: Abarán, where Frutas Esther has developed and expanded as a firm while staying loyal to the very nature of this region: entrepreneurial people that define their role in life through work.

Ever since it was set up in the 70s in Abarán (Murcia), Frutas Esther, S.A. has specialized in growing and marketing fresh fruits, grapes and strawberries. Although the headquarters is in Abarán, the company has two delegations: a sale point in the central market of Corunna, and a processing and service center for strawberry processing and marketing in Cartaya (Huelva).
The main products marketed by Frutas Esther are peaches, flat peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, dessert grapes and strawberries.
The main objective of Frutas Esther is to market products with the highest standards of quality and safety by using the latest human and material means available in the market. By understanding that scientific research and technological innovation are not opposite terms but complementary, Frutas Esther can increase resource productivity, integrating competitiveness optimization with environmental-impact reduction.

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