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Grupo G’s España is a European leader in the production and marketing of a wide range of vegetables and fresh fruit. The Spanish group was established in 1985 and is an affiliate to the Shropshire Group, a family-run English business set up in 1952.

In 2002, after a rapid and significant growth in Spain, the group purchased 90.97% of Pascual Hermanos S.A., from the American multinational firm DOLE.  Since then, business has been based on integrating, improving, optimizing and maximizing the different product lines and assets of the new organization. For example, to increase celery and lettuce production by investing in new technologies and varieties; streamline the citrus fruit business; focus and specialize tomato business activities; initiate the production of ecological vegetables through Naturally Organic; break into the Czech Republic market; and finally, construct a new warehouse to replace that already existing in the Alicante town of Agost.

Grupo G’s España is based in the Murcia Region,  with approximately 4,000 hectares of land where they harvest all types of lettuce, celery, mixed leaves, onions, tomatoes and citrus fruits, amongst others. The production areas are located in the valleys of Murcia, Jumilla, Campo de Cartagena, Águilas and south Alicante.

More than 80% of the group’s products are exported to Europe under a wide range of white labels and important marketing brands such as G’s ® and Pascual ®.

Aside from Spain, the main markets include  Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and new EU member countries. Amongst their clients are the main supermarket chains, independent retailers, wholesalers and processed food firms in Europe.

Thanks to high quality products the group has become a leader in the food market,  supplying fresh, reliable, and healthy products in both harvesting and marketing, guaranteeing the complete traceability of their foods, from seed to store. 

Products must meet the strictest food safety standards and environmentally friendly practices, supported by certificates such as BRC-IFS, Eurep Gap, Nature’s Choice, ISO 14001, Integrated Production, amongst others.

The group currently employs 4,000 workers in Spain and in 2008 had a turnover of €120 million.

Pascual ® is a trademark known in the Spanish and European markets since the 70’s for its quality, freshness and reliability. G’s group uses this trademark to market products grown in Spain following environmentally-friendly policies under the highest quality and food safety standards.

- Mixed-leaf salads
- Celeriac salads
- Organic vegetables
- Citrus fruit
- Tomatoes
-  Confirm its leading position in Europe as producer and marketer of fresh produce.
Consolidate its presence in the Spanish market.


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