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[30739] DOLORES DE PACHECO | Murcia



Stand number :
Phone: 968 17 33 41
Fax: 968 17 33 41

Guiver Fruits un in 2007 as a Spanish company dedicated to the export and marketing of vegetables and Fruit such as serving customers and clients.

Guiver Fruits is a service company, where we join a marketing team, a agricultural technical team and team of professionals in the production of agricultural products, whose main target is “give the best service”.

Guiver Fruits, works with farmers in the area of “Campo de Cartagena” (Murcia), making contracts for various products for industry and other markets:
Spinach, chard or spinach beets, frieze, baby leaves, Batavia (Ice lettuce), lollo rosso, romain lettuce, iceberg lettuce, mizuna, cauliflowers, little gem.

And any other product that the customer needs by adapting to their needs.

Currently our company are working for Russia, Finland, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, among others.

All our company are GlobalGAP certification. Besides the products comes directly from field, through Vacum or cold storage as needed.

In addition we have an experienced and qualified technical team. Where our goal is to find the 0 “zero residues” of pesticides, using the maxium range of natural products and the maxium range of natural products and the minimum of original chemical.

Our competitive advantage is the farmer-client relationship, with good agricultural technical service and a specific planting program for each client.

We are at your disposal, taking this opportunity to send our sunciere greentings.

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