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Ctra. Torrealta s/n
[30500] Molina de Segura | Murcia



Phone: 0034 968614919
Fax: 0034 968644289
Ernesto Garcia Balibrea ()

Bemasa is producer of metallics caps-twist for glass jars, easy open ends as well as capping machines and vacuum detectors.
BEMASA CAPS S.A . was founded in 1990 to respond to the existing demand in the food canning sector of the Region of Murcia. The combination of consistency and effort has allowed that our Caps-Twist ® , easy open ends as well as capping machines and vacuum detectors nowadays have a high circulation on NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL markets.
9.000 of the 15.000  total area are designated to the production on which at present we can produce 600 million pieces of the different diameters of Caps–Twist ® and 300 million of the three formats HANSA, ASPARAGUS and ø 153,7 of Easy Open Ends always being able to offer to our clients all types of lithographies and varnishes in every day shortening and more competitive delivery times.
Our organization recognizes the Quality as an essential tool for the success of the company, designed to control that its products fulfill the defined requirements and expectations of the client as means to guide the organization to a steady improvement of its performance and confirms this in the following compromises :

· Increase client's satisfaction by fulfilling its requirements and determination and beating of its expectations .

· Provide to the clients products of the most outstanding quality and security , producing them by an ethic and efficient compliance of the applicable legal requirements .
Use a mechanism of constant improvement of the quality system to increase the efficiency of our processes .

· Dedicate the necessary resources to archive the training and participation of all staff in the development and progress of the company .

· Cooperate in the promotion of Quality with both suppliers and clients with the aim to improve the quality of our products in mutual benefit of all .

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