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Where is Murcia?

Where is Murcia?

The Regiof of Murcia is located in the South East of Spain, on coasts bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. It has a total surface area of 11,314 Km2 which represents 2.2 % of the country.

Temperatures are typically Mediterranean, with great variations: 40ºC in summer and 10ºC during winter. Annual rainfall is light, hardly reaching 350 mm, and in summer, it suffers from intense drought.

The great advantage of this area is its average sunshine hour per year, which is higher than 2,800.

The initiative of its people, famed throughout history, has been handed down from one generation to the next to turn the Region into one of the leading exports areas of Spain. Its products are sent to all four corners of the world, especially its agricultural products, with which it has earned the name of "Vegetablegarden of Europe."

The traditional hospitality of its people, the attractive diversity of its geography, its important monuments left behind by the different cultures that have passed through the region, together with its standard of living have made Murcia one of the nerve centres of the Mediterranean Arc.
Where is Murcia?

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